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Nishine Lure Works

NISHINE Finesse Football Jig

NISHINE Finesse Football Jig

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NISHINE Finesse Football Jig
  • 3/8oz(10g)  - New Size 2021!
  • 1/2 oz (14g) - 1 New Color added!
  • 3/4oz(20.7g) - New Size 2021!
Build with quality hook
  • 1/2oz : OWNER HOOK #2/0
  • 3/8oz and 3/4oz : Nishine Original hook #2/0 made by Ichikawa

 Available in 3 models

  • 3/8oz(10g) - Skirt is hand tied by Yellow Thread
  • 1/2 oz (14g) - Skirt is hand tied by Red Thread
  • 3/4oz(20.7g) - Skirt is hand tied by Blue Thread

This Nishine Finesse Football Jig features an oblong “footballesqe” head that was designed to shimmy its way through the craggiest of crevaces – where bass live.

Complementing its unique head style is a razor sharp 90-degree quality hooks. The benefit of this smaller hook is that it allows you to fish more compact soft plastic trailers without have a gaping hook hanging out to get snagged.

Each Nishine Lure Works Finesse Football Jig comes loaded with a hand-tied wire keeper that will keep your trailer locked and loaded for those infamous tail grabbing smallmouth bass. All jigs include durable paint jobs and unique hand-tied checkered patterned skirts that give the jig a lifelike forage flow in the water.

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