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Dropshot Minnow

Dropshot Minnow

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Dropshot Minnow

  • Body Size : 2.5" (64mm)& 3.4” (85mm)
  • Weight: 2.5"=0.06oz(1.8g)/ pc, 3.5"=0.11oz(3.0g)/pc
  • Quantity:  7 pcs  per package



  • Specially crafted for maximum buoyancy from hand-poured plastic when used with light wire bass and trout hooks.
  • Generates spontaneous action in response to lake currents and gentle rod movements.
  • Realistic colors emulating natural baitfish and forage.
  • Coated with extra salt to prolong the softness of the baits and benefits of hand poured plastic.
  • Life-like action best accentuated when rigged wacky or on a drop shot and when fished with a jig head.
  • Recommend to use Nishine DS Hook #2 for 3.4" Dropshot Minnow, and Nishine DS Hook #5 for 2.5" Dropshot Minnow.  Also DS Hook #2 WG, Weedguard model is available.  

Dropshot Minnow 3.4" perfectly match with NISHINE DS HOOK #2

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