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Ichikawa Fishing

Ichikawa Fishing HOOK - SP HOOK

Ichikawa Fishing HOOK - SP HOOK

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Model: Ichikawa Fishing HOOK - SP HOOK

Available in 5 sizes! 



This offset design hook is ideal for moving baits such as swimbaits, buzzfrogs and soft jerkbaits.

The long-eyed offset area prevents plastics from tearing.

The purpose of this hook is to use jerkbaits and rip it rigorously or making numerous casts throughout the day without having to fix the plastics back in position. It keeps hook points hidden and when the fish bites, plastics will slide and hook easily penetrates fish mouth. 

SP is designed to hook fish effortlessly while holding plastics in position with the proper angle of offset, hook point and curvature.

After extensive research and testing, design of the SP hook has just the right amount of gape. This is the result of finding out too much gape leads to plastics moving unnaturally, becomes out of position and more vulnerable to snags. The heavy wire design allows weightless plastics to cast effortlessly while giving anglers piece of mind to get the big bites and land big fish. The super-smooth PTFE coating greatly increases penetration.






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