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Ichikawa Fishing

Ichikawa Fishing HOOK - TG1

Ichikawa Fishing HOOK - TG1

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Model: Ichikawa Fishing HOOK - TG1 (For soft bait)

Available in 5 sizes!



This hook is designed for many applications such as weightless worms, drop shots, Texas rig, Carolina rig, split-shot rigs and leader-less drop shot rigs. The hook is designed to precisely match the soft plastic body and the rigged hook is almost disguised when selected properly.

When you are faced under high fishing pressure or want a subtle presentation, you want a hook that does not impede the natural action of the lure. The TG1 is perfect for these situations. When you use this hook during actual fishing situation, you will be surprised by its versatile design. The narrower gap design does not impede hook sets. The offset area of the hook holds plastics firmly during cast and presentation, but slides the bait away during hooksets. The sproat bend design adds strength to the hook to land big fish despite its thickness. During field test using #2 size hook, several fish over 7pounds were successfully landed.

When using light line technique, strength of the hook can be maintained by adjusting the drag. With ever increasing challenges anglers face in lakes, hooks such as this TG1 become more and more practical.

The PTFE coating on this hook provides super penetration. The ease of penetration does not lead to hook out. During many field test occasions, hook was embedded in the roof and harder part of the mouth and not around thin membrane. This hook penetrates so well that it almost becomes hard to unhook fish. The balance between hook mass and its shape makes anglers feel confident that once fish is hooked, it stays on. TG1 is a hook that will definitely increase anglers fish catch.




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