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Nishine Lure Works

Erie 95MD

Erie 95MD

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Model Name: Erie95MD

  • Size: 95 mm  (3.74")
  • Weight : 11.2 g   (2/5oz)
  • Slow floating
  • Dive Depth:7 ft / 2.1 m
  • Hook: Ichikawa Kamakiri #6
  • Nishine Original Snap #1+



  • Full hand carved design
  • Weight transfer system
  • High response rolling action
  • Wide darting action


Product Movie

Fin cut tune

Erie 95MD can be tuned by fin cut.

  • Original setting - Tight roll action with fair amount of darting action

  • Fin cut setting - Little wider rolling action with longer darting action

Fin cut tune movie


Outer weight tune

Erie 95MD is slow floating in original setting.

You can adjust suspending or slow sinking by optional outer weight.

NISHINE Original Outer Weight


Basic Attachment

NISHINE Original Snap - SIZE#1+(39LBS/18KG)

Ichikawa Fishing Kamakiri Treble Hook #6



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