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BABY ABINO 70F - Floating Model

BABY ABINO 70F - Floating Model

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Model Name: BABY ABINO 70F

  • Size : 2.76" / 70mm
  • Weight : 0.22oz(6.1g)
  • Type of lure : Floating propbait / Popper(customizable)


  • Full hand carved design
  • Generates rolling action when it swim


  • Propbait mode (normal setting)
  • Popper mode (interchangeable popper cup included)


Baby Abino 70F can be tuned for slow sinking model by Nishine SS Tune set.(Parts is not included in the package)

Nishine SS Tune set for Baby Abino 70F




Baby Abino 70F : Red eyes

Baby Abino 70S : Natural eyes


 Product Movie

How to custom Baby Abino 70F 

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