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Congraturations to Bassmaster Elite Winner Takahiro Omori !!

Hiroshi Congratulated to his long friend, Takahiro Omori on facebook page for his winning on Bass Master Elite Series which was held at  Lake Martin, Alabama last week.  Surprisingly, After Hiroshi released the comment on the facebook page, one of Takahiro's sponsor, "Lucky Craft Japan" revealed the fact...


Takahiro Omori with Hiroshi Nishine


From Lucky Craft Japan Facebook page
"Takahiro received the warm comment from his long good friend Hiroshi Nishine.  As the matter of fact, our TOCraw originally painted by hiroshi exculusively for Takahiro. "
Nishine Lure Works
Not many people know this story...
The story of Hiroshi and Tak Omori has begun 30 years ago.
Two young men accidentally run into each other by the lake called "Lake Kawaguchi" in Japan.
 Hiroshi was dreaming about becoming lure builder, and Tak was dreaming about becoming professional bass fisherman.
They immediately became good friends, and spent some time fishing and talking about their dreams.
After years has past, Both of their dream came true, and Tak Omori was in need of repaint the lure for his tournament.  He asked Hiroshi to paint the lure called "RC" from Lucky Craft to red crawfish color which became the official base design of RTO 1.5 craw color from lucky craft.
It is very coincident that Nishine Lure Works also released very new round lip Crankbait called "Chippawa RB" in Japan last year.  (This will be available in March, 2018 in Japan.)
We have taken pre-order for this inspired 9 colors including crawfish color in November, 2017, but we had to stop taking orders in  2 days due to unexpeted order surge. 

We are hoping to deliver in North America sometime in April, 2018!! 
Please checkout how Chippawa moves in the water!!
You can check out the color with our Crankbait page

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